About Emotional First Aid Academy (EFAA)

The number of psychiatrists in India is a paltry 9000. Addressing the needs of a population of 139.34 crores. That’s less than one professional for 1500
cases per 100,000 people in most Indian states. Quite like COVID second-wave pandemic proportions for sure.

Makes sense that so many turn to absolutely any form of support, even if imaginary.

So dire is the situation that experts believe (given the trajectory of mental health decline) that 80% of the population will suffer from a diagnosable mental illness before 2045.

Habify’s Emotional First Aid Academy exists to address the worsening deficit in mental health support.

Indian psychologists when you ask them how they're feeling. FYI: We want to help.

Where we come from

The Emotional First Aid Academy is an institute founded in 2018 to transform empathetic citizens from bystanders to mental health champions.


To make the world less lonely


To create a frontline of Emotional First Aid Enablers whose approach to the mind will be ‘What’s strong?’ rather than ‘What’s wrong?’