Achieving 7-Figure Success Then Hitting a Wall: The Reinvention of Emotional First Aid Academy

It was August 2019, and I’d just achieved a massive milestone – accreditation from the prestigious State University of New York (SUNY)! I had worked on the curriculum since 2013. Through the pilot Emotional First Aid courses and patent-pending Emotional First Aid Kits, the team generated a staggering 7-figure revenue, but in the following months, I ran out of runway! It was a complete nosedive! An incredible feat indeed!

I had hit rock bottom. I quickly realized something wasn’t sustainable long-term. If I wanted to spread these life-changing methods further without burning out, my entire model demanded reinvention. However, I was bound by a 5-year MoU with SUNY until 2024. Playing by the rules, I meticulously created a gold-standard course following their stringent guidelines. (How I wished AI content tools had existed back then!)

Over those 5 years of promoting the course globally, I have invested every ounce of my being into testing, refining, and reconstructing what an emotionally free, financially self-sustaining, and maximally impactful enterprise could look like. However, it has been an uphill battle to shift the focus of advisors, forum panelists, YouTube video interviewers, and several funding bodies away from clinical diagnosis and towards a preventive model due to the stigma surrounding mental health.

Besides investing personal resources into research and development, it has taken profound emotional stamina and an unwavering commitment to eventually crack the code. This approach that I’m offering ready-made to you seamlessly intertwines your revenue, mindset, and ability to help people, creating an unstoppable, self-perpetuating upward spiral of growth and impact.

The Inescapable Truth Most Struggle With

The real reason you haven’t been able to turn your passion for mental health into a thriving venture yet?

It’s not due to lack of time, resources or opportunity. (As much as it can feel that way.)

In the beginning of any wellness business, you have to be the one creating content, now, this requires experience. You can enroll in all the content creation courses and SEO training but ultimately it boils down to personal expertise.


All the information and free online tools hit a ceiling when something has to evolve – or you’ll never be able to achieve the global impact, time-freedom and unconditional peace of mind you envisioned when you began.

You see, unlike typical “influencers”, I didn’t just gain my expertise networking with other counsellors or therapists or by curating social media content. For over a  decade, I have sat across people and listened to their stories of success, and of suffering.   I have been entrusted with deeply personal narratives that underscore the profound impact of emotional well-being on our lives.

From the boardroom to the classroom, from the depths of grief to the heights of success, our emotional state permeates every aspect of our existence, influencing our relationships, our decisions, and our shared human existence.

So, Emotional First Aid Academy is not ‘selling courses’, we are in the business of creating credibility for passionate change agents of every single pin code in India who are silently and relentlessly committed to hope. We want to bring their gift of ‘presence’ to the world.

My entrepreneurial journey began by pioneering an emotionally transformative criteria model – one that helped thousands improve their mental wellbeing through daily micro-practices.


While that startup didn’t become a unicorn, I emerged with a founder’s hard-earned wisdom about what it really takes to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship.


    You don't need a crystal ball to get started. Taking initiative and exploring different paths is the key to uncovering your purpose. The journey itself will provide clarity, not the other way around.


    Don't wait for everything to be perfectly aligned. Most things in life unfold as we go. Start with what you have and learn along the way. Remember, perfect preparation is the enemy of progress.


    We all have 24 hours in a day. It's about prioritizing and making space for your purpose. Don't underestimate the power of small, consistent actions. Every step counts.


    Financial limitations shouldn't be an excuse. Many purpose-driven pursuits can begin with minimal resources. Be creative and resourceful – you might be surprised by what you can accomplish.


    This is the belief that what you care about greatly is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. That while other people have huge, important purposes - that yours is not big enough to really take seriously.