Strategy and Structure That You Can Take To the Bank, To A Neighbourhood, To Your Grave

Emotional First Aid Entrepreneurship Course isn’t large mass programs or general courses. There’s a time and place for those. But not when you want to become an Emotional First Aid Entrepreneur.

As your launch pad, we’ll give you a detailed, customized strategy and structure specifically for you and your audience.

While the specifics will of course change depending on your situation and goals, here’s an overview of the elements we’ll work on for you:

1. Predictable Growth

This includes all your marketing and sales assets—like sales pages, ads, emails, social media, webinars, live streams, and more. Not to mention your sales strategy. Launch plans. And evergreen funnels.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sales process you want to build. (And if you don’t know, we’ll tell you exactly what we’d recommend based on our experience.)

To begin with, we’ll look over your existing system (or map one out for you, if needed) and tell you what’s missing so you can finally hit—and then exceed—your goals.

2. Consistent Visibility

Without this, it’ll be next to impossible to hit your revenue goals, much less do so consistently.

The good news? You’ve got a lot of strategies to choose from.

The bad news? You’ve got a lot of strategies to choose from. And figuring out the right option for you can be tough.

But…the BEST news?

We’ll cut through the noise and pinpoint the best option for you, given your industry, venture, personal strengths, and lifestyle goals.

3. Leveraged Delivery

This piece is key if you want to play long-term… without burning out.

Strategically, that means we’ll help you answer: How do you support more aspirants (whether in a webinar, one to many, one to one, or hybrid model)? How much should you do yourself? Should you bring on support staff or teachers? When? What would that look like? How should you pay them?

Personally, we’ll help you work through: How do you find the confidence to lead while speaking in front of a group? How do you walk the fine line between having strong personal boundaries and over-delivering so your aspirants get incredible results? How do you energetically and actually handle more aspirants without overwhelming yourself? What money mindset and energetic reframes will you need to be able to allow yourself to make more while working less?

4. You

Let us let you in on a little secret: 

No matter how good your strategies or tactics, your business’ growth will always be limited first and foremost by your own personal growth.

How big of a project can you truly handle? How hungry are you to make a difference? How resilient can you be in the face of natural ups and downs of a venture? Are you willing to release limiting beliefs and paradigms that are holding you back? Are you willing to trust that everything you want…and more…is within your reach?

And that’s why we get the unparalleled kinds of results we do, as quickly as we do irrespective of our three digit social media subscribers.

Not only will you get complete access to our “insider knowledge” of the industry’s “secrets,” how things are done, what works and what doesn’t, and how the game is played…

We’ll also give you structured guidance and detailed feedback on every piece you need: Strategy, tactics, mindset, money, emotional intelligence, and more.

As long as you’re willing to go all out and work through what you need to get to the level you want…

Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll map out a thorough and detailed structure customized for YOU,

Help you break it down into a doable to-do list,

Keep you focused on what’s most important at the moment,

Hold you accountable,

Push you past your comfort zone, so that you think, serve, and play at a way bigger level,

And help you hone in on who you really are, and how to let others see it too,

All while being an embodied example for you—as a circuit to what’s possible.

Tangibly, our goal for you, mastering the delicate art of balancing between monetisation and purpose.