The Rise of Predatory Online Coaching: A Cautionary Tale

Post COVID, the online space has seen a disturbing trend – the overprovision of self-proclaimed “coaches” and “gurus” peddling coaching courses with grandiose promises of wealth, success, and personal transformation.

The modus operandi is all too familiar: A seemingly innocuous Rs. 99 workshop baits you in, followed by a Rs. 15,000 “advanced” program that is little more than a sales pitch for a Rs. 5-6 lakh “life-changing” course. Relentless psychological pressure is employed to compel sign-ups. This ecosystem thrives on  people’s vulnerabilities, dreams, and insecurities. It’s a vicious cycle of empty promises, inflated claims, and unregulated practices – all in pursuit of quick profits.

The Emotional First Aid Academy:

A Principled Approach


We are not just another commercial venture;


we are a movement driven by a genuine commitment to ethical practices, authentic personal growth, and the belief that emotional resilience is a fundamental human need.

Learn More About Our Work with Chhanv Foundation

Empowering the brave survivors of acid attack from Chhanv Foundation Assessing and nurturing mental fitness after adversity.

Emotional First Aid Academy: A unique
approach to mental health

Scanning the mind for positives

The Emotional First Aid Academy (EFAA) gathers a decade of practicing experience and insights to arrive at a culture and training system that empowers people to awaken their potential.

• Accredited by the Healthcare Sector Skill Council 
• Short duration
• Community support
• Certification recognised across all job sectors

We won’t keep you from being

The Emotional First Aid Academy is a place for everyone called a “work in progress.” Here, we celebrate that about you with a course that abounds in attention, empathy and conversation. Drawing on established mindfulness practices and modern methods of personal growth, neuroplasticity and leadership development, you get a mental health education that lasts a lifetime.

The world’s simplest
mental health support course

The EFA Certification is an interactive, self-paced online program designed to help you develop behaviours and mental habits that enable growth in numerous aspects of your life. Our course takes the socio-cultural approach of medical humanities instead of clinical methodologies. If it’s a career in psychology and mental health you desire, here’s a course granting you the know-how needed by an effective frontline mental health care provider.

A certification for professionals of every stripe

Human Resource Executives and other professionals

Workplaces never fail to benefit from someone that can ameliorate job-related stresses. Gain the skills to respond to workplace crises and create a healthy working environment where diverse people can thrive.

HR professionals gain skills necessary to identify and respond early to employees mental health challenges. Making solace part of the take-home package for employees.

Work on minds from home

Whether you’re self-employed, a homemaker, a concerned parent or a citizen, this course can help you become a mediator and advisor in your community.

Paramedics, Teachers & Social Workers

Add to your skill set and promote emotional well-being with your reach and access to multiple platforms.