“You shouldn’t need a doctorate to recognize someone in distress and be a calming presence. Real human connection, checking in, listening without judgment – these are first aid essentials anyone can learn”.



Sunita K Mani
Founder, Emotional First Aid Academy

Welcome to the Emotional First Aid Entrepreneurship Program.

We’re taking a radically inclusive approach.

Have you ever pondered how it might feel to have someone inquire, “Are you depressed? Come now, unburden yourself…why not seek therapy?” Or perhaps, in a hushed tone, “Don’t worry, we shall keep your secrets strictly confidential here.”


We submit that no matter the good intentions, such queries would likely induce a cringe.


At Emotional First Aid Academy, we believe that heartfelt conversations are to humanity what sunlight is to a sunflower.


Imagine a world where there exists a frontline of trained humanitarians who are available for you to just unpack the burden of human loneliness.


It takes half a decade to mint a psychologist or therapist. But in those 5 long years, how many more loved ones will we lose to the plague of suicide? The harsh truth is, the traditional mental health pipeline can’t keep up with the tsunami of modern-day anxiety crashing through our communities.


We’re empowering everyday people – your neighbours, coworkers, even food bloggers – to serve as makeshift Emotional First Aiders whom we’d like to call as ‘Enablers’.


We believe diversity—of backgrounds, opinions, experiences, and disciplines—is an essential ingredient in every mindset. As a result, no two students at our academy are alike. By blending our diverse band of mental health champions—from HR folks to activists to bloggers —we’re creating teams that can approach any mindset with the gift of their presence.

Our Vision

Emotional First Aid in Every Zip Code

22 major languages.

India has diverse mindsets as it has languages.
Yet standardised clinical labels are glorified to overlook human complexity.

Little wonder.

Hover over each state in the map to see its burden of mental health crisis.


*Wikipedia. 2010 Census.
** Rehabilitation council of India website
*** National Mental Health Survey 2015-16
# (MH) Mental Health

This isn’t just talk – it’s a deep calling.

At the Emotional First Aid Academy, (EFAA)

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We truly believe that mindset is everything. And anyone can learn to master it. One that translates your unique gifts, wisdom and life experience into profound value for the world and income for yourself.

Well, you have to be WILLING to do the work.