We’ve done some deep breathing for you

Here, you’ll find in-depth coverage of our latest events, including the Convocation Program that celebrated the achievements of our students and featured influential speakers and panelists who are leaders in their respective fields. This event, and others like it, underline our commitment to raising awareness and fostering a supportive environment for mental health discussions.

Stay tuned to this page for regular updates on our activities, partnerships, collaborations, and insights into the world of emotional first aid. Whether you’re a student, a mental health professional, or simply someone interested in learning more about emotional wellness, our news page is your window into the impactful world of the Emotional First Aid Academy.

Convocation Highlights - 25th November 2023

Emotional First Aid Academy’s Convocation Program

DD Chandana - 11th December 2023

Around the Cruelty of Acid Attacks and Mental Health