Emotional First Aid Academy’s Convocation Program – A Milestone in Mental Health Education

The Emotional First Aid Academy (EFAA) Convocation Program marked not just a milestone for our graduates but also shone a spotlight on the crucial role of emotional resilience and empathy in our society. Our event, headlined by esteemed figures like Mr. Alok Dixit, Dr. Shashi Bhaskara Krishnamurthy, Mr. Prasad C.V.G, and Mr. Mathew Baby Tharakan, was a vibrant confluence of ideas, experiences, and aspirations towards a more empathetic world.

The program’s success and its profound impact were echoed across various media platforms, reflecting the growing awareness and importance of mental health in diverse sectors. Our panel discussion, which delved into the mental health scenario across industries, and the inspirational stories from our graduates, captured the attention of audiences and media alike.

We are proud to share the coverage we received, showcasing the breadth of discussion and the depth of insights offered at the event. These articles and features underscore the significance of our mission at EFAA – to empower individuals with the skills to provide emotional first aid and to foster a society that values mental well-being.

Below, you’ll find links to the articles and snapshots from the media outlets that covered our event. Each piece is a testament to the growing dialogue around mental health and the collective effort to nurture a more understanding and supportive community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the media for amplifying our message and to everyone who participated and contributed to making this event a resonant success. Together, we move forward in our journey to make emotional first aid a fundamental skill and a universal promise of support.