Certification In Emotional First Aid

Creating a frontline of Emotional First Aid Enablers

$1,062.00GST Inclusive


  1. Best suited for stay-at- home mothers, parents looking for well-being, for individuals engaged in self-growth and interested in psychology as a hobby
  2. Those wanting to take charge of their own mental health
  3. Those who want to commit to a cause
  4. Those looking for a Mental Health Community to rely upon during tough times.


The Emotional First Aid Course is a masterfully designed system for making sure your actions align with your life’s purpose – ultimately leading to a meaningful way of utilising your free time.


So often, people mistake activity for achievement and movement for progress. Stop spending all day checking off your to-do list only to feel like you accomplished nothing. Most people spend their lives doing these things – because they are focused on the wrong things. Most journals, planners and time management tools make you focus on what you need to do, when in reality, if you want meaningful results (and you want them quickly) you need to focus on your Emotional Hygiene. The EFA course is designed in this direction.


When you join the Thrive plan, you’ll discover:

  1. 108 premium online lectures
  2. Self-paced learning
  3. Learn to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones
  4. Understand the proven formula for success
  5. How to overcome any emotion holding you back
  6. How to share your gift of presence with others
  7. DIY Emotional First Aid Kit

$1534.00GST Inclusive


  1. Best suited for those looking at upskilling in their career with a recognised certification as an add-on
  2. Those in jobs that require people management – Insurance Consultants, Retired Army Personnels, Artists, Influencers, lawyers, Reiki Healers, Tarot Card Readers, Life Coaches, Alternative Medicine Practitioners (AYUSH), etc
  3. Those looking for proven strategies to achieve self-care and empathy at workplace- General Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, HR Consultants, Trainers, Team leads


The EFA course will teach you how to transform the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. Learning about the Enabler Criteria Model helps to identify harmful patterns in others and replace them with empowering ones to make a profound shift in their life. Be trained on the 7 Master Steps in Character Circuit –  to teach others how to make positive, lasting impact on their team, community and loved ones. The Stability plan offers you Certification from the State University of New York (SUNY) through the NEF (National Education Foundation)


In times of uncertainty, people look to leaders for guidance. Whether the future of a business is on the line, a family member is at risk or a community needs help, leaders are those who take command of the situation. Leaders inspire transformation and action when it’s needed most. What if you could be that leader? What if you could understand the patterns behind conflicts and have the knowledge and training to effectively resolve them? What if you could become the person that others inherently trust to guide them through the most challenging situations?


When you join the Stability Plan, you’ll discover:

1. All Thrive Plan Benefits
2. How to apply frameworks – understand the forces that shape human behaviour
3. How to identify patterns in decision making
4. The difference between change and progress
5. Live class recordings made available in case of absenteeism
6. Practitioner handbook for case studies
7. Workbook to practise case studies
8. 1 Master Framework for designing workshops
9. Study materials

$2360.00GST Inclusive


  1. Best suited for Wellness/Sports/Arts/Boutique/Cafe Business Owners
  2. Healthcare Organisations
  3. Educational Institutions, Tuition centres, Overseas consultation centres
  4. NGOs that understand the importance of Mental Health and want to contribute to the community by partnering with us


A Good Corporate Mental Health Program will go beyond just corporate wellness initiatives. A big part of a successful corporate well-being program involves nuanced personal meeting with the decision makers for goal alignment and personalised engagement surveys if applicable, while ensuring data security.

Ensure comprehensive care for your team with our approach to employee well-being. Not just that, your organisation stands the chance to become a Centre for Excellence in Emotional First Aid by becoming a Hub for preventive care for community education and awareness.

  1. Customised online/offline training for EFA Kit Application with different communities
  2. Mental Fitness Assessment (MFI) Tools
  3. Anti-Stigma Campaign collaterals
  4. Education and Community Network


The Centre for Excellence Award

We need trailblazers to change the mental health narrative in India.

The Centre for Excellence in Emotional First Aid Award recognises innovation, research, best practice and lived-experience leadership in enablement services. It also aims to reduce stigma by acknowledging responsible reporting of mental health measures and encourage others to promote the importance of Emotional First Aid and wellbeing. Award winners are honoured at a prestigious ceremony each year, as part of the Annual Conference and recognition on the Academy’s website and media materials. A documentary is made about the award-winners as trail-blazers in changing the mental health narrative of India.

Exclusive only for Empower Plan members.

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