See if your vibe-checker’s working

The Enabler Competence Assessment tool is a three-part comprehensive, integrative, and conceptual set of evaluations of a person’s eligibility to work as a mental health practitioner.

Why, though?

Working with increasingly diverse populations with various needs will be part of your job as an Enabler. A mental health professional needs to hone a core set of competencies to be successful. We’ve got to make sure you’re putting in time for something you’ve got a knack for.

What’re we looking for?

Three criteria are evaluated by the Enabler Competence Assessment to determine a candidate’s score:
Mental Stamina: The secret to a successful and rewarding career in mental health is a consistent sustainable dedication to enabling positive transformation and human-to-human interaction.

Conscious Detachment: The capacity to zone in consciously while remaining emotionally untouched: staying unaffected by the matter presented by the Aspirant effectively takes skill. In addition to listening to what’s being said, an Enabler must pay attention to the manner of communication, the motivation behind the statement and the significance of the utterance given the circumstances of the conversation. Making accurate evaluations and forging an empathetic bond with the Aspirant will be made easier for the Enabler if they practice assuming a non-reactive position and understand the distinction between observation and involvement.

Psychoanalysis of disposition: An effective Enabler is aware that it’s just as crucial to examine oneself as it is to pay close attention to others. The key to a successful education and career in mental health is the concept of “self as instrument.” During Emotional First Aid training, an Enabler learns how to feel, think and act from a position of self-awareness. An Enabler can connect with Aspirants and empathize with them when self-reflective.




Enabler Assessment Test
Score card
Competence certificate
Personal Career guidance

*The fee does not cover the cost of the complete course; it just covers the competency test. Once the students have taken the assessment exam, the course fee and prospectus will be discussed, and the assessment charge will be waived at the time of admission. The fee is reimbursed if the student is not eligible.