Unmasking Exam Stress: The Rollercoaster Ride of Academic Anxiety

It is strange that the exams happen during summer- the air is thick with humidity outside and thick with tension on the inside. Some students breeze through it like a cool cucumber, while others find themselves swimming in a sea of stress so deep they fear they might sprout gills. Welcome to the world of exam stress, where the stakes are high, and the nerves are higher.


The Many Faces of Exam Stress

Exam stress wears many masks. It could be that slight tingle of nervous excitement before a big test, or it could morph into full-blown panic attacks that make you question every life decision you’ve ever made. From sleepless nights spent cramming to the dreaded fear of forgetting everything the moment you sit down with that intimidating exam paper, it’s a wild ride for sure.


But Wait, Are Exams Actually Stressful?

Spoiler alert: yes, they are. But here’s the kicker – a little stress can actually be a good thing. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to your exam prep soup; it enhances the flavour. Stress can light a fire in your belly, pushing you to study harder, focus better, and maybe even discover a newfound respect for your tuition teacher. However, when stress starts to resemble a giant boulder crushing your spirit, that’s when things get dicey.


Who’s Mostly Likely to Catch the Exam Stress Bug?

Thinking that it is only slackers who get stressed about exams? Think again. It is often achievers, those who set high standards for themselves, who feel overwhelmed with stress and cry from it. And by the way, let’s expose a myth – intelligence level has nothing to do with it. Even the smartest brains can be preyed upon by exam tension especially when external pressures pile up like Jenga blocks ready to topple.


Exam Stress: The Perpetrator behind the Curtain

So what is really causing all this trouble in the exam? Well, it is like peeling an onion; there are many layers to uncover beneath. Could it be because you are frustrated with not reaching your potential or maybe you resent being part of an out-dated education system? Add some pinches of life’s curveballs (family melodrama, financial difficulties and existential questions) and you have yourself a bowlful of soup called “growing-up stress”.


How to Calm the Exam Monster of Stress

There is no need to worry since you can get rid of exam stress. First things first, we need to recognize that poor exam performance has only two major causes; either a lack of preparation or excessive worry. If it’s the former, well… roll up those sleeves and get working. And if it’s the latter, better whip out your toolbox for stress busting.


Tools for Surviving Exam Season


Before the Exam

  • Studying for an effective one or two hours is certainly different  from window-staring for five hours.
2. Take breaks in between. Make a plan to have something enjoyable happening each day as you revise
  • Enjoy yourself; a happy mind is a sharp mind.
  • Have a good sleep before the test.
  • Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol at night because they will hold you from falling asleep.
  • Don’t hurry with your revisions.
  • If possible becomes familiar with the examination room. This would reduce its unfamiliarity on that day.
  • Try not freaking out about panicking. A lot of student’s fear worrying so much that they end up feeling anxious about anxiousness! Remember your teachers are there to help you succeed.


During the Exam

  • Try to make yourself comfortable. While you enter the room, take deep breaths and relax your body. When necessary, do close your eyes to avoid distraction.
  • Write down when you will respond to the questions.
  • Look through the questions and mark off those that you think you can answer. Don’t worry if your mind goes blank at this point; just try to stay calm.
  • As a way of enhancing your confidence, first deal with simplest questions.
  • Make certain that you respond to the question rather than telling everything you know.
  • If you feel tension building up, sip some water.


In Conclusion: You’re Not Alone

So next time exam stress knocks on your door, remember this – it’s never only about you. Even very successful individuals have met up with the examination anxiety monster. So pull up your socks, toughen up and let’s face them like Avengers!

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