02: The Solution

Dear Enabler App: Anonymous Support at Your Fingertips

Integrated with the Disappear Pod and available as a standalone app, Dear Enabler revolutionizes access to mental health support.  

Habicoins-A “calling coupon” just like a pre-paid SIM card that can be re-charged with a 50 min duration per coin  designed to initiate mental health conversations and provide practical tools for emotional wellbeing is integrated into the Disappear pod and the Dear Enabler App.

Key Features:

100% Voice-Based Anonymity: Leveraging research that shows our unconscious mind connects more deeply with voices (recognized even in the womb) than visuals.
Habicoin System: Our proprietary digital currency for booking calls.
• First call: Free
• Subsequent calls: Purchased via Habicoins (various packages available)
Call Duration: 50 minutes per Habicoin
Validity Period: Similar to prepaid SIM cards, encouraging regular engagement

This system ensures user privacy while providing seamless access to support, creating a sustainable model for both users and Enablers.

Target: Students, Expectant mothers, single parents, Senior citizens, accident and life-term illness patients and LGBTQ community.

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