02: The Solution

Emotional First Aid Kit: Tangible Tools for Mental Wellness

A tangible, thoughtfully curated tool designed to bring mental health out of the shadows and into everyday conversation. 
This kit is your starting point on the journey to mental fitness, bridging the gap between awareness and action. It encompasses three key concepts: 
PRINCIPLES for navigating the modern world, understanding the PEOPLE in our emotional terrain, and incorporating PROCESSES that are daily rituals that support mental wellness. 
With this kit, Habify empowers you to take the first steps towards a healthier mind, making mental well-being an accessible and integral part of your daily life. More than just a collection of items, it’s a catalyst for change—enabling you to take charge of your mental wellness with practical, accessible tools at your fingertips.

NGO category – 700/ – price range

Self growth category – 1500 / – 

Gifting →  3,000/- Gift set → 4500 personalised name → 7,000 personalised gift, personalised video message

Each kit includes a QR code linking to:
  • Educational content on kit usage
  • Direct connection to the Dear Enabler app

Available in various pricing tiers to cater to different market segments, from NGOs to premium gift options.

Target: Different price ranges for different target groups. Basically the Kit can be presented in different avatars and sentiments.

The Emotional First Aid Kit initiative goes beyond mental health support—it’s a catalyst for community empowerment. At the Ajji Learning Centre, we’ve transformed lives by equipping village women with valuable vocational skills to create these kits. This innovative approach not only produces essential mental health resources but also generates sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas. By intertwining mental health advocacy with economic empowerment, we’ve created a ripple effect of positive change.

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