Emotional First Aid Academy: A unique
approach to mental health

Scanning the mind for positives

The Emotional First Aid Academy (EFAA) gathers a decade of practicing experience and insights to arrive at a culture and training system that empowers people to awaken their potential.

• Accredited by the Healthcare Sector Skill Council 
• Short duration
• Community support
• Certification recognised across all job sectors

We won’t keep you from being

The Emotional First Aid Academy is a place for everyone called a “work in progress.” Here, we celebrate that about you with a course that abounds in attention, empathy and conversation. Drawing on established mindfulness practices and modern methods of personal growth, neuroplasticity and leadership development, you get a mental health education that lasts a lifetime.

The world’s simplest
mental health support course

The EFA Certification is an interactive, self-paced online program designed to help you develop behaviours and mental habits that enable growth in numerous aspects of your life. Our course takes the socio-cultural approach of medical humanities instead of clinical methodologies. If it’s a career in psychology and mental health you desire, here’s a course granting you the know-how needed by an effective frontline mental health care provider.

A certification for professionals of every stripe

Human Resource Executives and other professionals

Workplaces never fail to benefit from someone that can ameliorate job-related stresses. Gain the skills to respond to workplace crises and create a healthy working environment where diverse people can thrive.

HR professionals gain skills necessary to identify and respond early to employees mental health challenges. Making solace part of the take-home package for employees.

Work on minds from home

Whether you’re self-employed, a homemaker, a concerned parent or a citizen, this course can help you become a mediator and advisor in your community.

Paramedics, Teachers & Social Workers

Add to your skill set and promote emotional well-being with your reach and access to multiple platforms.

We’re a movement of citizens
passionate about revolutionising
the way India deals with
mental health.